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Ego Chainsaw Review – Best Cordless Chainsaw Power+ CS1400


The CS1400 is a newer model, and possibly the best electric chainsaw by EGO to date. This fifty-six-volt model is perfect for the serious DIYer in need of a reliable power tool that can easily handle a variety of landscaping jobs. It doesn’t provide the type of power you can get from a gas-powered saw, but it does offer an easier operation, and just enough power to take on any job around the yard. The manufacturer has produced a tool that offers a new take on traditional cordless saw design. The improved weight distribution combined with a handle design that’s unique to cordless models, both works to improve cutting speed and efficiency.

Our Verdict: Powerful, efficient, and beginner-friendly, this is a saw that focuses on smooth cuts and cutting precision in general. The brushless motor and fifty-six-volt battery work together to provide the type of power you need to slice through material that’s fourteen inches in diameter or less. It offers more tough cuts per charge and has a shorter charging time of just forty minutes. The runtime will heavily depend on the material you’re slicing through, but in most cases, you can expect an average runtime of forty-five to sixty minutes per charge, which is nothing short of impressive. This is one tool that’s packing some serious power.

Overview and Features of a Cordless Chainsaw

This tool offers a much different take on traditional chainsaw design. As an example, most cordless saws will have a battery pack slot located on the top. This both makes it faster and easier to swap out a battery, but it also improves the overall balance. This model features a battery slot directly under the handle, in a side-loading position. While you may think this would have a negative impact on balance and handling it doesn’t. It actually helps by offsetting the brushless motor’s weight, improving balance during use when the saw is moving back and forth. Another noticeable difference is the plastic ridged area, which is used in place of traditional bucking spikes. This design change can negatively impact leverage and cutting quality.

EGO Power+ CS1400 Cordless Chainsaw

Our Rating: (4.5/5)


  • Lightweight design
  • Well-balanced
  • Longer runtime length
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Chain brake
  • Brushless motor


This battery fits sideways under the handle, offering better than average weight distribution and improving the tool’s balance when the saw is rocked back and forth. In terms of runtime length, you can expect forty-five minutes to an hour, depending on the type and size of the material you’re cutting. Obviously, you’ll enjoy the max runtime length if you’re doing a little light pruning in the yard and a slightly shorter runtime for bigger jobs. If you have a lot of work to tackle, I recommend purchasing a couple of spare battery packs.

Automatic Oil Lubricating System

If you’ve ever used a saw without this feature, then you’ll understand why it’s such a big deal. The bar and chain must remain lubricated during use, but if you’re spending hours in the yard felling trees and pruning, then you’ll need to stop periodically to add more oil. This automatic lubricating system will take care of that job for you by providing a constant oil source that will keep the chain and bar lubed up to prevent stalls and overheating and to also ensure an optimal cutting performance.

Oil Reservoir

The five-ounce oil reservoir is located on the left side. Directly underneath, you’ll find an oil level indicator window that allows you to see how much oil is in the tank. The only real issue I ran into with this model involved the oil reservoir leaking when stored. There’s no right way to store this tool without the oil leaking when not in use. This can be very frustrating, especially if it’s stored with a full tank. I recommend draining the oil prior to storing to avoid a huge mess the next time you take this tool out for a spin.

Chain Brake

The chain brake is designed with kickback safety in mind, but it also prevents the saw from accidental activation if you forget to remove the battery pack and need to make adjustments.



The fifty-six-volt battery and powerful motor ensure improved cutting efficiency and longer runtime. The brushless motor runs cooler and helps in terms of cutting efficiency and overall performance. Since it doesn’t have brushes, the motor contains fewer moving parts, which equals less maintenance and a longer life for your saw.


The body of the saw is a matte gray with neon green accents that make the entire design pop. The large, wide handle wraps around and down the left side, making it easier to grip when you’re doing a little overhead work. The handle design also makes it easier to achieve horizontal cuts. Weighing in at just eleven pounds, while it’s not the lightest saw I’ve reviewed, the design helps to reduce user fatigue, allowing you to handle complicated cuts more efficiently.

The saw’s design is reminiscent of a gas-powered model. In fact, those used to using the gas-powered variety will note how smooth the transition is to this powerful cordless model. However, instead of a tricky pull-start, simply press the lock-off switch and pull the trigger and this tool will roar to life.

You may also notice that this model doesn’t have an on and off switch. Instead, sliding in the battery pack, pulling the chain brake and depressing the lock-off switch works to activate the saw. Some competing models will use the chain brake in place of an on and off switch, however, this design is more convenient by far.

Bar and Chain

This tool comes with a fourteen-inch Oregon low-kickback chain and bar. The design is very beginner-friendly. Installing the chain is a breeze. To do, simply remove the side panel and put the chain in place on the cutting bar. You’ll use the tensioning knob located on the front side of the body to increase or decrease the slack in the chain.

Like many battery-powered tools, this one uses a thin kerf chain, which gives less resistance when cutting wood. It also increases the saw’s cutting capability and lengthens the runtime. During operation, you’ll be impressed with how quiet this tool really is. The majority of the noise it makes is the material being cut and the chain spinning around the blade. The low volume is primarily due to the lack of cylinders firing, which makes all the difference in terms of the noise level.

Charge Time

This model offers a slightly faster charge time of just forty minutes.

Cutting Capability

This tool can handle material that’s a maximum of fourteen inches in diameter. When you’re tearing through thicker material, you can expect a significant dip in battery power. However, for material that’s six inches and under, you’ll get the most out of each charge.

Debris Ejection System

There are many models on the market these days that clog easily, due to poor design or a subpar debris ejection system. You’ll find that this model works hard to keep everything clear so you’ll enjoy improved visibility for a safer, more efficient cutting performance.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Built-in safety features
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Longer runtime


  • Oil reservoir will leak if not drained prior to storing

Ego Versus Worx WG322 20V

Compared to the WG322 by Worx, this model offers a slightly faster cutting performance. While both models cut well, this tool feels like it offers better speed and power. You can also push it much farther than the competing model before it stalls out. This saw can handle roughly around twenty cuts at the max cutting diameter, per charge, while the competing saw can manage fifteen to sixteen. However, in terms of features, the competition is no slacker. It also comes with a tool-free automatic chain tensioning system, automatic continuous chain lubrication and features a twelve-volt battery and a lightweight design that minimize user fatigue.

While it may struggle to keep up, the saw by Worx is a great fit for homeowners or DIYers in search of a lightweight model that can handle small to medium-sized jobs around the yard. It’s also available at a much lower price, so if you’re on a tight budget and in need of a saw that can handle light pruning like a champ, then the competing saw by Worx may be a better option.

Conclusion and Rating of Ego Chainsaw

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

EGOThis saw by Ego offers the type of ease of use and cutting power that makes it a true pleasure to use. The design makes cutting even difficult material, such as palm trees, faster and easier. When you take into consideration the convenience and power of this model, you’ll find that you no longer dread working in the yard. The lightweight design, built-in safety features, weight distribution, and raw power will allow you to get the job done, in just a fraction of the time. I gave this model a rating of four and a half stars out of five.