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Dewalt Cordless Chainsaw Review – Best Performance Ever


Dewalt’s line of FlexVolt power tools is taking the industry by storm. The DCCS670X1 cordless chainsaw utilizes innovative battery pack technology, which allows the saw to change voltages between twenty volts and sixty volts, based on voltage requirements. It also features the popular sixteen-inch Oregon chain and bar, a tool-free chain tensioning system, and an automatic oiling feature that ensures continuous lubrication during operation. As you can tell, this is a feature-packed model and one that earned top marks for power and versatility.

Our Verdict: This lightweight, quiet-running cordless saw comes loaded with all the features the homeowner could want and the pros need. Its easy to use design, built-in safety features, and tool-free chain tensioning offers more convenient operation. Additionally, this model scored well in terms of cutting efficiency, speed, and overall power. A great buy if you’re serious about investing in a saw that’s designed to last, the manufacturer has done it again, showing me you can’t go wrong with a product by Dewalt.

Overview and Features of Dewalt Flexvolt

Despite weighing just twelve pounds, this saw will feel sturdy and durable in your hands. It features wider than average back and front handles that will make the user feel more secure during use. The addition of the back handle’s texturized rubber grip also improves gripability and makes it easier to handle the saw for a long period of time. Users with larger hands will also have an easier time operating this model, especially when it comes to overhead work.

DEWALT DCCS670X1 FLEXVOLT Cordless Chainsaw

Our Rating: (4.5/5)


  • Quiet-running
  • Longer runtime
  • Lightweight design
  • FlexVolt battery
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Safety features

Bucking Spikes

The bucking spikes are designed to grip the sides of a branch, which will give the users more downward leverage, preventing the saw from slipping during operation.


This FlexVolt model is perfect for home and pro use. The battery is compatible with all models in this line. Considering forty volts is sufficient for most jobs around the yard, the fact that the saw can handle up to sixty volts of juice makes it appropriate for pro landscapers looking for a powerful, reliable saw that can withstand heavy daily use.

Side Cover

This is the only real flaw in an overwise perfect saw. The enclosed side cover allows sawdust to pile up on the tension knob, which can cause the saw to clog, spraying sawdust out the front. This will have a negative impact on visibility.

Cutting Ability

This model is best suited for small and medium-sized tasks around the home or at the job site. According to the manufacturer, this model can handle wood that’s fourteen inches in diameter.

Noise Level

Since this is one of the best electric chainsaws on the market, the fact that it’s also known as one of the quietest comes as no real surprise.

Ease of Use

To use, all you have to do is depress the lever lock and squeeze the trigger. This will instantly fire up the saw, at which point you can release the lever lock.

Guide Bar and Chain


Offering a narrow kerf style guide bar, this model has a smaller nose tip compared to conventional saw guide bars. This can cause small pieces of debris to fly into the case which can make the chain slip from the drive socket. Because of this, the chain should be checked regularly to ensure it’s tightened properly. If there’s too much slack in the chain it can cause it to jump off the bar.

If there’s too much tension in the chain it can cause increased wear and will need to be replaced more often. This model comes with a tool-free chain tensioning design which makes adjustments faster and easier. To do, you’ll just unlock the locking tab, then tighten the chain turning the knob counterclockwise until you achieve ideal results.


The saw features a standard rear handle design, complete with a half wrap front handle. Both the lock-off lever and the speed throttle have been located right next to the rear handle.

The battery pack fits into the appointed slots located on top of the saw, which helps to improve stability and balance. One the side of the saw you’ll find an oil cap and an oil level indicator window that will give you a clear view of the oil level at all times.

A handguard, which doubles as a chain brake, is placed directly in front of the front handle. As a chain brake, the handguard stops the saw automatically when pushed forward. The chain tensioning bar adjustment knobs are located on the righthand side of the saw.

Like other models of cordless saws, this model is made out of hard plastic that helps to keep both the weight of the saw and the price low.

What is FlexVolt Technology?

The line of FlexVolt tools includes drills, saws, handheld blowers, and even air compressors. The saw’s battery is compatible with other tools in the Flexvolt line. Some users have wondered if they could use the manufacturer’s standard twenty and forty-volt batteries with this model. Unfortunately, you cannot. It will only work with FlexVolt batteries.


As far as power goes, not many models can compete. The battery pack is rated at three amp-hours, which means it can deliver a load of three amps per hour, or one amp for three hours. If you’re sawing and drawing a consistent load of three amps then the battery will be drained within an hour. However, the voltage will often reflect the amount of power that’s available. The amp hours just gives you an idea of what you can expect in terms of an average runtime.

Cutting Performance

In terms of cutting performance, this saw can make approximately sixty to seventy cuts per battery pack for wood that’s six inches in diameter. This means, for light pruning, you can expect about a two-hour runtime. If you have to cut thicker branches, then you can expect the battery life to drain quickly.

Charge Time

This model comes with a dedicated battery charger. The battery packs will take approximately two hours to charge. Because of this, I recommend buying a couple of extra battery packs so you won’t have to cut your work short, especially if you’re dealing with thicker branches or logs. On the side of the saw, you’ll notice a fuel gauge system, which will allow you to keep a closer eye on how much juice is left, so you can quickly swap out one battery pack for a fully charged one.

Chain Oil System

The automatic oiling system for the guide bar and chain keeps both lubricated during use. Make sure you keep a close eye on the oil level indicator window and fill it up before use if you note the saw’s running low. Make sure you top off the oil reservoir once it drops below a quarter of a tank full. To fill the tank, unlock the lever on the oil cap. Unscrew the cap counterclockwise to remove the cap.


Safety features include:

  • A chain break designed for kickback protection.
  • Rear and front handguards designed to prevent injury to the hands.
  • Low kickback chain and reduced kickback guide bar

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Weighs just twelve pounds
  • Easy push-button start
  • Front and rear handguards
  • Forty-five-minute runtime
  • FlexVolt technology
  • Built-in Safety features


  • Debris can get caught in the casing which can cause the chain to jump
  • Two hour charge time
  • The Price

Dewalt Versus Makita XCU02PTX1 Lithium-Ion Cordless Chainsaw

The competing model is the XCU02PTX1 by Makita. This model offers a faster than average chain speed and runs on an eighteen-volt battery. It comes with a twelve-inch guide bar and the tool-free chain adjustment. As you can see from these specs alone, this saw can’t compare to the model by Dewalt. Instead, it’s best suited for small jobs around the yard, such as light pruning. However, if you’re on a tight budget, then this low-powered cordless saw may be a better option, considering it’s available for a fraction of the price. Ultimately, if your goal is a saw that’s high-powered, offers a long runtime, and comes loaded with all of the bells and whistles you could want, then stick with a brand you trust and a saw that’s a clear winner.

Conclusion and Rating of This Best Tool

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

dewaltRight off the bat, you’ll notice that this isn’t exactly the most budget-friendly saw on the market. Why invest in a Dewalt when you can buy a model for half the price? But if you’re looking for a saw that can handle heavy-duty use and one that won’t give up on you after a few months, then you’ll quickly find that this model is worth every penny.

The FlexVolt by Dewalt is feature-packed, lightweight, easy to handle and comes loaded with excellent safety features, which makes it perfect for beginners. The automatic chain and bar lubricating feature provides both parts with continuous lubrication for a smooth performance. Versatile, easy to use, and recommended for both home and pro use, this model earned a rating of four and a half out of five stars.