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man using a manual post hole digger

What are Post Hole Diggers for?

As the name implies, this tool is mainly used to dig holes to install posts. If you’re a homeowner and searching for must-have yard maintenance tools, then a post hole digger should definitely be part of your yard maintenance arsenal. Using a post hole digger will prevent you from having […]

backpack leaf blower on the back of a man

Leaf Vacuums vs Backpack Leaf Blowers

During the fall, you want a power tool that will make yard maintenance easier and keep your yard looking great. Choosing between leaf vacuums and backpack leaf blowers can be a challenge. Each type of tool has its pros and cons, so choosing one ultimately depends on your yard maintenance […]

How to Stack Wood

Learning how to stack firewood properly is a necessity if you don’t want your firewood to become moldy, wet, or home to the local mice or rat population. While stacking firewood may seem like a simple task it’s important that you do it the right way. When you stack firewood […]

How to Fell a Tree

Anyone can learn how to fell a tree, which is a process that requires careful preparation. However, learning how to fell a tree can be dangerous work, especially in yards with nearby buildings, trees, and other structures. Even if you’re simply cutting up firewood in the forest, you should always […]

man working on his yard with a post hole digger

How to Use Post Hole Digger Properly

Digging up your yard to install a new fence can be hard, time-consuming, backbreaking work. Without the best post hole digger and the right technique, you’re looking at a project that will take you weeks or months to complete. While it is possible to dig a fence post hole with […]